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Islamofascists rape Australian woman

Pakistanis rape female Britons

Saudi Arabia holds female American citizens in white slavery: an act of war

This information is mostly from the highly-respected Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal, 13 June 2002, page A18, "Daughters of America."
"As William McGurn reported Tuesday in an article on this page, Pat Roush's two daughters, Alia and Aisha, were kidnapped from America in 1986. On Monday she learned that her Saudi ex-husband has married off Aisha in what she believes is retribution for her participation in these hearings."

"Unfortunately, the State Department has not yet recognized that when an American child is kidnapped, or when an American woman charged with no crime is held against her will, it's not just an affront to the individual. It's an affront to America."

"Saudi law forbids women of any age from leaving their country without permission. Another way of stating those same facts would be to say that two adult U.S. citizens are trapped in a country where women are treated as the property of men..."

Now, "marrying off" Aisha to a "husband" whom she doesn't want, and forcing her to submit to him sexually, is rape. If she were to kill him for trying to force his penis into her, which she'd be justified in doing in any civilized nation, she'd probably be executed for "murder."

This is not a Clintonese "That depends on what you mean by 'marriage,'" it is rape: a violent felony that, in the United States, falls just short of a capital crime and justifies the use of deadly physical force to terminate it. And Ms. Roush's Saudi ex-husband is no better than a pimp, panderer, and white slaver. There was a time when civilized nations knew what to do with this kind of trash. Charles Gordon of Khartoum, for example, executed slave traders as a matter of routine.

This incident certainly justifies the United States' use of armed force against Saudi Arabia unless its government returns Alia and Aisha to the United States at once. We don't need "allies" who kidnap American girls and sell them into white slavery. Congress last declared war on someone in 1941; maybe we're overdue for another one. We need someone like Theodore Rooselvelt (Bush comes close but doesn't quite make it) to stand up and say the equivalent of, "Perdicares alive or Raisuli dead!"

"All the President's Women" (Wall Street Journal, 26 June 2002)

"Amjad Radwan is 19 years old and, unlike her older brother, cannot leave Saudi Arabia because she is a woman and must have the permission of her Saudi father, who refuses to give it. In highly charged testimony delivered via videotape, Amjad's mom, Monica Stowers, told the House she remains in Saudi Arabia because she fears for her daughter's life; Miss Stowers further reported that both her son and daughter were raped by members of her former husband's family. The Roush sisters are also adults."

"...This [U.S. State Department's response] is a long way from "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead"--Teddy Roosevelt's tart reaction when a Berber bandit chieftain took an American hostage in Tangier."

The House of Saud's version of the Koran sanctions kidnapping, forcible rape, sodomy, and incest, (as well as domestic violence against women) as shown by the above Wall Street Journal opinion pieces.
Even most animals don't have sexual intercourse with their immediate family members. As an example, sperm whale pods (family groups) expel their males when they reach puberty, probably to compel them to seek mates among other pods. Whales certainly know their own mothers and probably have instinctive barriers against trying to mate with them. The buck Saudi Islamofascist, however, has no self-control whatsoever and, as shown by the above excerpt, will have sexual intercourse with its own mother, daughter, sister, or niece.

Tuesday, 23 January, 2001, 08:16 GMT Nigerian flogging condemned

Most Nigerian Muslims welcome Sharia law
Canada has condemned the 100 lashes given last Friday to a teenage girl in northern Nigeria who was found guilty of having pre-marital sex.

The Canadian foreign ministry said it was particularly unhappy that 17-year-old girl had received her flogging before the outcome of an appeal against her conviction. ...

The girl, Bariya Ibrahim Magazu, was sentenced under Islamic law after three men forced her into having sex last September.

Saudi Arabia: land of child rapists. Civilized humanity should put a "Megan's Law" violent sexual predator warning sign on the entire country.
"...the State department admits that the Saudis have never returned a kidnapped child to the U.S. To the contrary, the Saudi response has always been to obfuscate and propose "solutions" (e.g. a special commission) that are aimed at delaying everything until the issue fades or the children are old enough to be married off and impregnated. In Saudi Arabia, marriage can come as young as 12 years old for girls." William McGurn, "Saudi PR Turns from Spin to Stonewalling," Wall Street Journal, 16 December 2002, A12.
Since the girls have no real choice in the matter, they are being forced into sexual relationships against their will. Remember that sex by an adult with a child constitutes statutory rape even if the child consents. "Sexual relationships against their will" is flat-out rape, a top level felony (just below capital murder) in most states. 

More facts about Saudi Arabia

George Will, "Iraqi, Saudi regimes pose distinct challenges," Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 18 August 2002: "The House of Saud almost certainly is a dead regime walking. Saudi Arabia's male unemployment rate is 30 percent." 30 to 40 percent of Saudi "education" is devoted to the study of scripture, and the marriage rate is dropping. Many Saudi men cannot afford the traditional dowry (i.e. are unable to purchase women from their fathers), and women are beginning to refuse the men who are chosen for them by their families.

"...when three Saudi men-- Ali al-Dumaini, Matruk al-Falih and Abdullah al-Hamid-- sought to circulate a petition merely calling for a constitutional monarchy, they are given prison sentences of six to nine years." --"Selling America," Wall Street Journal, 11/11/05, page A16

Islamic supremacists rape Australian women, including teenagers

Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out

By Miranda Devine  July 14 2002  The Sun-Herald

So now we know the facts, straight from the Supreme Court, that a group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from south-western Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading, dehumanising torture. The young women, and girls as young as 14, were "sluts" and "Aussie pigs", the rapists said.

Pakistanis Abduct and Rape British Citizens

By Owais Tohid | Special to The Christian Science Monitor
ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – When Neelum Aziz visited Kashmir for the first time last year, the young British girl couldn't wait to explore her family's home village. But her parents had something else in mind.

Two weeks after arriving in Kotli - in the Pakistan-administered part of the disputed territory - Ms. Aziz was told she had to marry her cousin.

"[My father and uncle] took away my [British] passport, money, and other belongings and locked me up," she says. "I screamed and shouted and kept on crying. My tears dried up, but my family elders did not listen to me and married me to a cousin of mine without my consent," she says.

Aziz's story is only the most recent example of hundreds of young girls who become victims of their families' desire to preserve an age-old tradition. According to human rights activists, 250 girls like Aziz - daughters of British citizens from Pakistan - were forced into marriages with relatives in 2002 alone.

There was a time when England knew how to deal with this sort of thing. As a matter of fact, Nepal is in that part of the world and I think the British Army still employs Gurkhas. There is nothing wrong with these Pakistani Islamofascists that a kukri (Gurkha knife) wouldn't fix.

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