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Did the Pharaoh choose the ten plagues over one infestation of Palestinian militants?

Polish versus Palestinian Honor Killings (now with pictures!)

Palestinians are shanbiony (without honor)

Palestinians: raman or varelse (per Orson Scott Card)

Gaza under Palestinian control: Lord of the Flies starring adults instead of kids

Culturalism versus racism

Palestinian Behavior in Gaza: Lord of the Flies starring adults instead of kids

Q: What's a quick way to tell Israelis from Palestinian miltants?
A: Israelis turn deserts into gardens, Palestinian militants turn gardens into deserts.

As shown by the September 2005 occupation of Gaza by the Palestinians, this is not a joke but a statement of fact. The Israeli settlers had built a number of greenhouses in which to raise food and other agricultural products. When the settlers were ordered to leave Gaza, some affluent but misguided Americans (mostly Jewish) raised several million dollars to buy the greenhouses and turn them over to the Palestinians. [I say "misguided" because, as proven here, giving anything of value to any Islamic militant is like presenting a baboon with a delicite glass or china plate; you can expect it to be broken for amusement or out of sheer malice within the hour.] Within hours of the Palestinians' occupation of Gaza, the greenhouses were RBP. It took the Palestinians but hours to turn the gardens they were given into barren and sterile deserts. Now, of course, terrorist Mahmoud Abbas will be whining that he needs money from the United Nations, Europe, and of course the United States because he is unable to feed his people.,1280,-5275655,00.html
American Jewish donors had bought more than 3,000 greenhouses from Israeli settlers in Gaza for $14 million last month and transferred them to the Palestinian Authority. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, put up $500,000 of his own cash.
Palestinian police stood by helplessly Tuesday as looters carted off materials from greenhouses in several settlements, and commanders complained they did not have enough manpower to protect the prized assets. In some instances, there was no security and in others, police even joined the looters, witnesses said.
The Palestinian militant has an instinctive compulsion to destroy anything that has two or more pieces of wood, brick, or other structural elements nailed or mortared together, as shown by its treatment of abandoned synagogues in Gaza.,00050004.htm
Thousands of celebrating Palestinians thronged through Neve Dekalim on early Monday just after Israeli soldiers withdrew, setting fire to a building that just last month served as a rabbinical college for Jewish settlers.
There were similar scenes throughout Gaza as Palestinians headed straight for empty synagogues Israel had decided to leave intact. The fires caused little structural damage in the fortress-like concrete and stone structures, but Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said the buildings would be destroyed.
Even Mahmoud Abbas is, as shown by this article, determined to destroy "fortress-like concrete and stone structures" that might shelter and house his fellow sand apes despite their best efforts to burn them down. I am quite confident that, in the next month or so, the whole lot of them will be squealing to the United Nations, European Union, and of course the United States for billions of dollars in aid money because they are living in squalor, probably in makeshift tents with dirt floors-- a condition for which they will doubtlessly blame Israel, the Great Satan, and of course the Joooooooooz.

Did the Pharaoh choose the Ten Plagues of Egypt over one infestation of Palestinian militants?
Sickening plunder of Gaza's green gems (click on link for complete article)
New York Daily News, Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
GAZA - A week after they descended like locusts on the greenhouses that Jewish settlers nurtured in Gaza, looters continue to pillage what
should be a prize asset for a fledgling Palestinian state.

...When a Daily News correspondent visited abandoned Jewish settlements in Gaza, he found brazen vandals dismantling farms that once produced some of the world's finest tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. The now-gutted greenhouses were gifts to the Palestinian people from U.S. philanthropists, who raised $14 million to buy them from departing settlers.
This brings to mind an interesting theory; was the Pharaoh was threatened with a choice of ONE plague of Palestinians and the TEN plagues he actually got if he didn't let the Hebrews go? If so, he chose the TEN plagues rather than endure ONE infestation of Palestinians. Looking at it another way, an infestation of Palestinians would have caused at least as much damage as the plagues that actually happened:
  1. Water turned to blood. The mindless violence of the Palestinian militants would doubtlessly have filled every source of drinking water in Egypt with the blood of their victims.
  2. Frogs aren't very destructive; if croaking day and night to annoy the Egyptians was the intended punishment, Palestinians lynching other Palestinians are a lot noisier.
  3. Swarms of gnats (or lice). The Palestinian militants would have brought those with them.
  4. Flies. The Palestinian militants would have brought those with them as well.
  5. Livestock diseased. The Palestinian militants would have slaughtered every pet (including cats, which were considered sacred) and domestic animal in Egypt for pure malicious amusement, so a disease that spared at least some animals was definitely preferable.
  6. Boils are definitely preferable to being perforated with nail bombs (with the nails being tipped with rat poison).
  7. Thunder and hail. As shown by their wrecking greenhouses and synagogues in Gaza, Palestinian militants are definitely more destructive than the worst hailstorms in history.
  8. Locusts. Even though Egypt, with its fertile lands along the Nile, was the breadbasket of the ancient world, it is easy to imagine Palestinians burning and destroying all growing things in the region for pure malicious amusement, the same way they wrecked greenhouses that might have provided them with abundant food.
  9. Darkness. The smoke from the buildings that the Palestinian looters would have set on fire would have blotted out the sun.
  10. Firstborn children killed. Palestinian terrorists would have killed every Egyptian child in sight (the way they kill children in Israel today) so the Egyptians got off more lightly with this one as well.
Given their mindless destruction of synagogues that they might have converted into hospitals and schools, one can also imagine the Palestinians trying to knock down the Pyramids but, given the hard work necessary to vandalize something that was designed to last for eternity, they would probably have given up on wrecking those.

The following article shows that raping an offender's female relative for revenge is in fact a standard practice in the militant "Islamic" world.
…In June 2002, the police say, members of a high-status tribe sexually abused one of Ms. Mukhtaran’s brothers and then covered up their crime by falsely accusing him of having an affair with a high-status woman. The village’s tribal council determined that the suitable punishment for the supposed affair was for high-status men to rape one of the boy’s sisters, so the council sentenced Ms. Mukhtaran to be gang-raped.
Shanbiony is a very useful term. Jerzy R. Krzyzanowski's The Trilogy Companion: A Reader's Guide to the Trilogy of Henryk Sienkiewicz explains,
"It isn't merely shame, disgrace, or even dishonor. It denotes such utter degradation and such total and complete humiliation that no self-respecting human being could ever accept it. Indeed, pohanbienie has a ring of such abysmal finality about it, and it suggests such brutality in its application, that death itself would be preferable to it. A man or woman who is shanbiony or shanbiona is hardly able to live with his or her own image, far less among others."
So being shanbiony (or haniebny) is a condition to which most normal human beings would prefer death but which the Palestinian militant and the sow Islamofascist (e.g. Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud) embraces readily. Furthermore, as shown by the Palestinian practice of the hudna or phony peace, a Palestinian militant's word of honor is no more meaningful than a blast of flatulence-- the only thing in favor of the Palestinian's word being its slightly better smell. On the other hand, the fart is at least honest about its nature and agenda, which is more than one can say for the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinians: Raman or Varelse (Orson Scott Card's definitions). Posted to Israpundit

Science fiction writer Orson Scott Card offers terms that can be very useful in defining Civilization's conflict with Islamofascism: raman and varelse. Raman are creatures with whom we can communicate and reason even if they do not resemble us physically. Varelse are creatures with whom no communication or reason is possible. As stated by Card, definition a varelse is someone so alien and dangerous that you can't know them and can't reach an understanding with them; but that inability to know them makes it quite possible that they are potentially raman after all, but you have no way of discovering it. Thus the tragic misunderstandings of the "Bugger Wars" in Ender's Game and between other aliens and humans in the later books in the series. Yet for the survival of your own people, you can't just assume that currently unknowable aliens mean well after all. What if those aliens are led by a Hitler and they simple will not express their "better nature" until it's too late for you? Thus the right of communities to defend themselves against those who appear to have both the capability and the desire to exterminate them must remain -- the right, in short, to decide that, as best you can determine, another community is varelse.

In Card's science fiction, the issue of whether an alien species is raman or varelse is an ethically-complex one. Even on our own world, animals of known intelligence (like dolphins) may communicate in ways we cannot easily imagine, and space aliens would present an even greater challenge. On the other hand, Islamofascists are physically just like ourselves and they communicate in words as we do. It is the Islamofascist mentality that makes them varelse.

As we shall see, varelse is probably a far more precise description than "subhuman." A rabid animal may be considered varelse because the disease that is destroying its brain makes it irrational. Punishing such an animal is both ineffective and useless sadism because, as the animal is not rational, punishment cannot modify its behavior. It must therefore be either quarantined or euthanized.

Normal human beings are rational, i.e. they act in their own interests. Even the most murderous dictator is acting rationally when he tries to take a neighboring country's land and wealth by force; he is seeking to enrich himself. The same goes for the most violent armed robbers and bandits. They are all, however, rational, and this means that they can be deterred by the threat or use of force.

The Islamofascist is not rational because he often does not even act in his own interests. When the Palestinians took over Gaza, for example, they were presented with abandoned synagogues and greenhouses that had been purchased as gifts for them. Instead of converting the synagogues into houses, schools, hospitals, or even mosques, they destroyed them. They also looted and destroyed the greenhouses in which they might have raised food. These are not the actions of rational creatures: even the lowest animal will take advantage of shelter that will put a roof over its head.

The Palestinians have also created a culture of death that previously existed only in science fiction stories. In Robert Sheckley's The Victim from Space, a man lands on a world whose inhabitants wanted to die violently. Violent death, a reward from the god Thangookari, was earned by performing deeds that served the society. "Rewards" (in ascending order) included being bashed over the head with a mace, having poisoned slivers driven under one's fingernails, being burned alive, being staked out on an anthill, and something known as "The Ultimate." Suicide, such as arranging to have a tree with long spines fall on yourself or arranging to have a bridge collapse under you, was considered a sin that resulted in punishment in the afterlife (because you had not done anything for the community that "merited" such a violent exit). This is in fact the kind of culture that the Palestinians have created, with children being raised from infancy to seek violent death as suicide bombers.

Finally, the Palestinian leaders have themselves said that the peace agreements they sign are hudnas or phony peaces whose only purpose is to gain concessions and to place them in more advantageous positions so they can destroy Israel. The very thought of negotiating with such entitites is inconceviable; the only responsible and rational response is to destroy them totally.

What Western Civilization has failed to recognize is that it is dealing with varelse, creatures that are so irrational that it is not possible to negotiate with them or make any kind of lasting peace with them. The only way to enjoy safety and peace is to quarantine and remove the varelse from contact with civilized societies, e.g. by expelling the Palestinians from all occupied territories.

Gaza under Palestinian Control
The anarchy predicted for Gaza has become a reality. It is now ruled by warlords, armed gangs, an terrorists, with no independent judiciary or anything like the rule of law.
...the killing of Jews is presented as a relgious obligation-- labeling them the enemies of Allah, all to be annhilated.
...This notion of the shahid martyr has become so ingrained in the Palestinian culture that it is a major theme of formal education, family values, religious practices, television broadcasting, posters, pre-suicide eulogies, trading cards, family celebrations, movies, music, games, and summer camp. A study by a Palestinian psychiatrist, Shafik Massalah, found that over half of the Palestinian population ages 5 to 11 dreams of becoming a suicide bomber. The same Maadi said on PA-controlled television, "Shame upon he who does not educate his children in the education of jihad. Blessings upon he who dons a vest of explosives on himself or on his children and goes upon the midst of the Jews." Yet the international media and many governments say almost nothing about these vicious trends. (Mortimer Zuckerman, "A Fulcrum Moment." U.S. News & World Report, December 19 2005)

Culturalism versus Racism

For the record, we are a Eurocentric culturalist and proud of it. It is no more racist to condemn a violent and dysfunctional culture than it is to call someone's clothing (as opposed to his skin color) ugly or inferior. Clothing and culture are, unlike race, both choices and the Palestinians have chosen to wear very ugly cultural clothing that includes mindless violence toward members of their own society as well as others, and mindless destruction of good things that are given to them by well-meaning people.

Behavior is a CHOICE and not a RACE
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