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What MECA tells the IRS

What MECA actually does

MECA is the fiscal sponsor of the International Solidarity Movement

ISM promotes criminal activities in Israel and is involved with organized terror.

ISM promotes entry into another country under false pretenses.

ISM commits espionage (reporting Israeli troop movements to terrorists)

The International Solidarity Movement's links to organized terror. Is this what tax-exempt money from MECA is funding?

Middle East Children's Alliance
Should the Middle East Children's Alliance lose its 501(c)(3) tax exemption?

Here is what the
Middle East Children's Alliance told the Internal Revenue Service
Screenshots of the organization's Form 990-EZ for July 1 2002 through June 30 2003.

Here is what the Middle East Children's Alliance is actually doing
Note; all of these Web pages have been downloaded in their entirety in case they disappear when MECA realizes that their activities are attracting unwelcome attention. (click on the link to see the entire Web page, relevant excerpts appear below)

Support Cindy Sheehan!!! [antiwar protester outside the Bush ranch]

24 hour Vigil & Camp Out
San Fancisco
Noon Aug 20 - Noon Aug 21
SF War Memorial Building Sat

National March in San Francisco
Saturday, September 24,

Bring the Troops Home Now
STOP the War on IRAQ

End Colonial Occupation: Iraq, Palestine, Haiti...
Support the Palestinian People’s Right of Return
Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools

Stop the Racist, Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Labor Offensive

U.S. Out of the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Afghanistan
Stop the Threats Against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea

The Wheels of Justice Bus Tour:
Members of Voices in the Wilderness, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, the Middle East Children's Alliance, and affiliates of the International Solidarity Movement
An on-going ( two years on the road!) nonviolent educational tour against war and occupation in Iraq and Palestine and for justice and universal human rights
  • calls for antiwar activism and condemns U.S. foreign policy
    • Support Cindy Sheehan (antiwar protester camped out by the Bush ranch)
    • "Bring the troops home now, stop the war in Iraq"
    • "Support the Palestinian people's right of return"
    • "Military recruiters out of our schools"
    • "U.S. out of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Afghanistan"
  • promotes an academic boycott of Israel
  • says MECA is on the ANSWER (anti-Iraq war organization) steering committee
  • calls the U.S. "occupation" of Iraq illegal
    • It also accuses the U.S. of "purposefully" targeting civilian areas
    • "The Human Cost of War in Iraq" also makes this accusation: "In March 2003, the US, backed by the UK and Spain, launched an illegal 'pre-emptive' attack on Iraq. Since then the US and UK have illegally occupied the nation…"
  • a photo gallery of anti-U.S. and anti-Israel protests. They are connected with the Wheels of Justice Bus Tour, which opposes U.S. policy in Iraq. An "Apartheid Wall" was put up outside MECA's own office; that is, MECA apparently used its own office facilities for an anti-Israel demonstration.

The Middle East Children's Alliance is the "fiscal sponsor" of the International Solidarity Movement
Note that the International Solidarity Movement promotes criminal activities in other countries, and this suggests that 501(c)(3) tax exempt money from MECA is being diverted for that purpose.

Donations may also be sent to:
PO BOX 5073
BERKELEY CA 94705-0073

Please make checks out to: “MECA (ISM-USA Fund)”.
The Middle East Children’s Alliance is the fiscal sponsor for ISM-USA. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their tax exemption number is: 94-3074600.

Donations through MECA or PayPal are handled by the International Solidarity Movement - USA. You may also contribute through your local ISM chapter. Links to these international chapters can be found to the right.

Funds donated to ISM through the above channels go directly to covering operational expenses in Palestine such as communications, transportation, legal expenses, apartment maintenance expenses and small stipends for key coordination positions.

The International Solidarity Movement promotes criminal activities in Israel, as shown here:
"The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles."

"Direct Action - challenging crippling checkpoints and curfew, confronting tanks and demolition equipment, removing roadblocks, participating in nonviolent demonstrations, accompanying farmers to their fields and protecting families whose homes are threatened with demolition."
The highlighted items, "challenging checkpoints and curfews, confronting tanks, and removing roadblocks" all imply interference with another country's military security and law enforcement activities, which are doubtlessly criminal offenses. In addition,

From (6 August 2003). Criminal activities are highlighted

Some actions you might take part in:

dismantling earthen roadblocks
observing and intervening at checkpoints
taking over a checkpoint
solidarity visits to Palestinian homes
wheat-pasting a tank
protesting the Israeli take-over of the Orient House, and more.
helping to record testimonies of survivors of the invasion in Jenin Refugee Camp and Nablus
providing ongoing medical assistance
helping rebuild homes and buildings bulldozed and blown up by the Israeli army
speaking to (live from Palestine) and writing about the situation
delivering food and medicine
escorting people to hospitals and relatives' homes

Please be assured that ISM does not encourage or pressure anyone to participate in an action that is beyond their level of comfort. Some actions are riskier than others, and you should use your own judgment.

In addition, the ISM suggests that people enter another country under false pretenses:

Visitors coming in solidarity with the Palestinian people and/or to support Palestinian non-violent resistance therefore face a difficult situation. If they admit the goals of their visit to Israeli border staff, and admit any association with ISM, they will most likely be denied entry. If they state other reasons for their visit, they can also be accused of lying to Israeli authorities and denied entry for this reason.

Faced with this dilemma, some activists choose not to talk about their activist goals and instead explain other reasons for their visit, such as visiting the Holy Land, visiting an Israeli friend, tourism, etc. These activists generally articulate a clear plan for their visit, including places they will stay within Israel and the names, addresses and phone numbers of people they will be visiting (not mentioning visits to Palestinians). (the page was taken down but kept a copy). Note again how the International Solidarity Movement, which the Middle East Children's Alliance is apparently supporting with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt money, is encouraging entry into another country under false pretenses.
There are three ways to come to Palestine -- via the Ben Gurion airport - Tel Aviv, via Amman, Jordan or via Egypt.  Many people are afraid to come via Tel Aviv because Palestinian sympathizers are being denied entry into the country.  We believe that it's less suspicious if you come through Israel but you have to have a really good story about why you are coming, and must not mention anything about ISM or knowing, liking or planning to visit Palestinians.  You must play it as though your visit is for other, Israel-based reasons, like tourism, religion, visiting an Israeli friend, etc.  So do a little bit of research and put together a story that you'll be able to answer questions about.  For example, if you say you are visiting a friend in Jerusalem, you should have the name and phone number of a real Israeli person.  If you are coming for religious purposes, have a book or two on religion and travel in Israel;  have an itinerary, etc.
It is in fact on record that ISM members have lied to Israeli authorities to enter the country, and have even harbored actual terrorists. Additional information is available here.

The International Solidarity Movement commits espionage in Israel and gives safe house protection to terrorists
Again, the Middle East Children's Alliance is the "fiscal sponor" of the U.S. branch of ISM

Last month, Israeli security forces raided ISM offices in Beit Sahour and the foreign affairs ministry issued a statement that said: ISM members take an active part in illegal and violent actions against Israel Defence Force [IDF] soldiers. At times, their activity in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip is under the auspices of Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Bedein, who has interviewed several ISM activists in the region, said the group's North American operations ought to be investigated by local law enforcement, since ISM spokespeople openly call for the overthrow of Israel, a country with which Canada and the United States have friendly relations.

"Group members have also reported Israeli troop movements to armed Palestinian units", Bedein said, and they intervene at checkpoints to facilitate the transit of Palestinians who may be terrorists.
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