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"Islamic" punishments:

Stoning in Saudi Arabia

More examples of stoning

Sharia, according to the Koran.

Hanging for "blasphemy"

Judicial rape

Crucifixion of Negro Christians

Honor killings in militant "Islamic" countries.

Iran spares actress from flogging

Saudi Religious Police burn schoolgirls to death

Saudis threaten Scottish man with crucifixion

Sharia: Islamic Supremacist Justice

"Islamic" Punishments (source at
Amputee, victim of ShariaHard working people have the right to be protected. They have the right to security and peace of mind. As for the corrupted hand that refuses to earn honorably by working but instead oppresses other people by stealing their possessions: the deterrent is to cut off the stealing hand to release its owner from it and to relieve the community from his oppression.

Stealing other people’s money is a crime that is increasing and if it is not deterred firmly and strongly then it could lead to murder. How easy it is for a thief to kill one who obstructs his way, whether that person is a police officer or a rich businessperson trying to protect his wealth. When the situation becomes drastic and the danger of such criminal elements reach alarming proportions then severe punishment becomes desirable because they become enemies to Allah and His messenger, spreading corruption on the earth.

Allah says which translates as: "The recompense of those who wedge war against Allah and his messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite side, or be exiled form the land that is their disgrace in this world and a great torment is theirs in the hereafter"(Al-Ma’idah: 33).

This is the law of Allah, which he revealed. Harshness and punishment corresponds with the harshness of the crime. Having pity on the one whom it is proven committed a crime is not mercy.

Stoning in Saudi Arabia (, used by permission. Seen elsewhere as well)
The Religion of Peace Posted August, 2003


[Freeman Centre's List's Editor's Note: When the Arabs attack Israelis with stones they call it NON-VIOLENCE. The media and most people agree. Read below and see just how non-violent it is.]

When I was sent to Riyadh for a month to work with the US Air Force for a joint assignment, I never realized the sights I'd see. One of them was a public stoning. All I saw was a woman standing in a hole tied to a post, she was shoulder deep in the hole. The guy I was with wanted to see it. It's rare that westerners are even allowed to see this They gathered around this poor girl for around an hour, throwing rocks at her.

Stoning a human to death

Dear readers, please put on your thinking cap and imagine a mental picture of the following story.

A deep hole is dug in the ground. A 30 year old lady, tied up from feet to shoulders, as a stick, is lowered alive into this hole, in a standing position. Only her neck and head are visible. Can you imagine a human head sticking above ground?

When the order is given, a man throws a fist-sized stone at her protruding head. The stone hits her head with a thud. She screems in pain as the blood oozes down her face. Another man picks up a stone and scraps the side of her head drawing a lateral line of blood. She cries and screems in excruciating pain. Since it is a free for all, a teenage spectator from this open playing field, tries his luck, but misses her head completely. Another aims at her and flings it with force. The stone hits its intended target, her forehead.

She screems and cries loudly for mercy. There is now a gash on her forehead. Blood spurting out, down her eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and down to the ground. She cries out for mercy but to not avail. The minutes become an hour, between the many misses, scraps, nicks, chips and strikes. Another spectator flings forcefully at her.

The stone hits the bridge of her nose with another thud. She screems again and again. This time the blood comes down from inside and outside her nose. Probably, her nasal bridge-bone is broken, causing the bleeding from inside her nostrils as well. Though her wounds are grave, as you can imagine, her screems by now are not as vociferous as earlier, and her tears help to wash some of the blood on her cheeks. Her vision has completely gone with the blood coating. The next stone hits her again. A piece of flesh pops out. No, its not, oh god, it really can't be her eye-ball. It is so bloody that you can't really make out. By this time, blood has covered her entire face and the ground in front of her. She still makes groaning sounds. More time pass. Stoning her, continues. Her sounds are less and less audible. Her face has become unrecognisable. Flesh, like mashed meat is her face, but only more bloody, as she now literally has no human face. Small strips of flesh, like locks of hair are hanging from her. Her head is now droopping forward. At this stage a hit on her make splashes of blood. She has stopped making a sound for the last two stone pelting. Two hours have passed. The Islamic authorities check her neck for pulse. It is still beating but barely, due to the loss of blood. A flesh piece drops off her head, as the stoning process continues.

Finally, death comes to this lady. She is then left there for a few more hours for the spectators to see, because this is a public lesson for all muslim females, who commit adultery. Then her father and relatives are allowed to dig her body, and bring it above ground. Pieces of her flesh, lying on the ground, is collected and because she has no face, it is put back on the front of her head, and bundled up. Now readers, imagine that is your mother, or your daughter, or sister, or even you, yourself.

DNA is not accepted in Islam, but at least 4 witnesses of reputable character, should give testimony of the actual penetration of the sexual intercourse to convict him. You might ask, who has sexual intercourse in front of 4 witnesses? I can also ask you "how can you consider 4 men watching others' sexual intercourse, as reputable characters?" But, there is no question or denying that this is not a traditonal, customary, cultural or a kangaroo court, but a legal Islamic court, with legal Islamic judges and legal expert Islamic officials, in the muslim state of Bakori ( Nigeria), of the legal Government, democratically elected by the Muslim citizens of this state. These are the undeniable authentic facts, which no amount of words or actions can ever repudiate.

Hear the deafening silence of the 1 billion muslims worldwide, who are in a vigorous fit of inactivity, calmly pretending not to know. But, the balance 5/6th of the world, (1.5 billion Christians, 1.1 billion Taoists, 1 billion Hindus, 700 million Bhuddists and others) can do something to stop this barbarism of the middle-east.

Re: Permission to copy From LIDDYSHOW2 "at" "That article was submitted to us, via email. Yes, you may copy it to your site. The author is unknown."

More stonings in modern "Islamic" nations
"On August 11, Zoleykhah Kadkhoda was arrested, sentenced to death for adultery and publicly stoned; the woman survived the execution and was later hospitalized. She has now almost recovered and Amnesty International fears that a new execution date will be set for her soon. (Amnesty International, August 1997)." Iran (

( "In Nigeria, Safiyatu Huseini, pregnant from alleged rape by a married man,  has been sentenced to death by stoning by a court that acquitted the man!" (

Sharia, according to the Koran
"Only, the recompense of those who war against God and His Apostle [Mohammed], and go about to commit disorders on the earth, shall be that they shall be slain or crucified, or have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished the land [1]: This their disgrace in this world, and in the next a great torment shall be theirs."
"O believers! take not the Jews or Christians as friends. They are but one another's friends. If any one of you taketh them for his friends, he is surely one of them! God will not guide the evil doers." [2]
The Koran, Ivy Books edition, pp. 65-67, Sura of "The Table"
"In the punishment of stoning to death, the stones should not be too large so that the person dies on being hit by one or two of them; they should not be so small either that they could not be defined as stones."
[1] The last, expulsion, was suggested as the likely punishment for eight Christian missionaries in Afghanistan, although the Taliban judge said they might be hanged.
[2] Perhaps this statement describes the true sentiment of "friends" like Saudi Arabia. They do not consider American Jews or Christians their friends, and they consider Muslim-Americans the equivalent of Jews and Christians.

Hanging for "blasphemy"

A court in Bahawalnagar has sentenced to death a man for blaspheming against Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and claiming to be a prophet, police and officials said Thursday. (, 8 August 2003)

The ordeal of eight Shelter Now aid workers, including two American women (from CNN):

Quoted by AIP, Chief Justice Saqib said the punishment would accord with any crime they are eventually convicted of. 
"The detained Shelter Now people will be sentenced according to Islamic Sharia law," he said.  "If the crime is worthy of imprisonment they will be imprisoned, if the crime is worthy of hanging, they will be hanged." 
The Taliban say they have strong evidence that the Shelter Now staff were involved in trying to convert Afghan Muslims to Christianity but had no proof any conversions were actually made.

Pakistani 'prophet' sentenced to death Saturday, 5 August, 2000, 14:48 BBC

Islamic groups accused Mr Ali of being an impostor By Zaffar Abbas in Karachi
A court in the Pakistan city of Lahore has sentenced to death a Muslim spiritual leader on charges of blasphemy.
Sixty-year-old Mohammed Yusuf Ali was found guilty under the controversial blasphemy law for misguiding Muslims by presenting himself as a prophet of Islam.

Iran hanging a young woman for being a Baha'i
On the night of 18 June 1983 the Islamic revolutionary authorities in Shíráz hanged ten Bahá'í women and teenage girls who had refused to recant their Faith and convert to Islám. Three days earlier the same authorities had hanged six men, including the husbands, fathers, and sons of four of the women. (  

Judicial Rape in Iran and the Sudan
Women, Islam & Equality describes Iran's version of the "Muslim" religion:
According to a "religious" decree, virgin women prisoners must as a rule be raped before their execution, "lest they go to Paradise."
(Source): Human rights in Sudan were severely abused.  Extrajudicial killings and disappearances were performed by government forces, civilians suspected of opposing the government were tortured, beat, arbitrarily arrested, and detained, women were raped, religious persecution was performed, and women were commonly raped and suffered from genital mutilation (DOS, "Sudan," 1999).

Crucifixion of Negro Christians in the Sudan
Sudan crucifying a man for being a Christian "[Sudanese] Muslim militiamen pierce and padlock the lips of black Christians so that they may not talk about the horrors they have seen and endured [such as] crucifixion, enslavement, beheadings, systematic genocide with the aid of helicopter gunships and bombers of Soviet, Chinese and Libyan provenance?"

(Source) Jubilee Campaign, a Christian human rights organization, has noted "mounting evidence of the crucifixion of the male populations of entire villages." When the Vatican protested in 1992, Khartoum replied, "The Catholic Church has become the enemy of the Sudanese government. We know how to deal with it." What was meant was apparent.  Last summer, according to Vatican Radio, four Catholics were arrested, flogged a hundred times, and then crucified.

(Source): "Sudan is one of the fastest growing churches in Africa today, yet Sudanese Christians daily face  murder, torture, enslavement and even crucifixion. Militant forces consider Sudan the gateway for Islamic expansion into the rest of Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the world."

Honor killings in militant "Islamic" countries  A prima facie argument in favor of taking up Western Civilization's burden, per Rudyard Kipling
TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian man cut off his seven- year-old daughter's head after suspecting she had been raped by her uncle, the Jomhuri-ye Eslami newspaper said on Sunday.
..."The motive behind the killing was to defend my honor, fame, and dignity," the paper quoted the father as saying. (Source)

Needless to say, this sand Nazi did not have the courage to deal with its brother or brother-in-law; murdering a seven-year-old girl was more in line with his level of physical courage. When Western countries allowed their citizens to take the law into their own hands, a European or American gentleman would have dealt with the rapist by challenging him to a duel or simply killing him. The typical militant "Muslim" takes out its wrath on the innocent and helpless rape victim instead.
Palestinian Honor Killings ("Palestinian honor" is an oxymoron)
If a woman brings shame to the family--through allegations of premarital or extramarital sex, by refusing an arranged marriage, or attempting to obtain a divorce--her male relatives are bound by duty and culture to murder her. 

  "Honor is everything," says Ahmed, a 52-year-old Palestinian Muslim. "If a person loses his honor, he becomes like an animal."

... In the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel, and Jordan, women are executed in their homes, in open fields, and occasionally in public, sometimes before crowds of cheering onlookers. Honor killings account for virtually all of the murders of Palestinian women in these areas.
Honor killings occur for a variety of offenses, including allegations of premarital or extramarital sex, refusing an arranged marriage, attempting to obtain a divorce, or simply talking with a man. If a woman brings shame to the family, her male relatives are bound by duty and culture to kill her. "A woman shamed is like rotting flesh," a Palestinian merchant tells me. "If it is not cut away, it will consume the body. What I mean is the whole family will be tainted if she is not killed."
...A sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl became pregnant after being raped by her younger brother. Once her condition became known, her family encouraged her older brother to kill her to remove the blemish from their honor. Her brothers, the rapist and the murderer, were exonerated. The girl was blamed. "She made a mistake," said one of her male cousins. "She had to pay for it."

Women as Property 

There is nothing in the Koran, the book of basic Islamic teachings, that permits or sanctions honor killings. However, the view of women as property with no rights of their own is deeply rooted in Islamic culture, Tahira Shahid Khan, a professor specializing in women's issues at the Aga Khan University in Pakistan, wrote in Chained to Custom, a review of honor killings published in 1999.

"Women are considered the property of the males in their family irrespective of their class, ethnic, or religious group. The owner of the property has the right to decide its fate. The concept of ownership has turned women into a commodity which can be exchanged, bought and sold."

Iran spares actress from flogging for kissing man on the forehead

A well-known Iranian actress has been given a suspended sentence of 74 lashes for kissing a man during an awards ceremony.
Gohar Kheirandish landed in court after kissing director Ali Zamani on the forehead.

Saudi Religious Police burn schoolgirls to death for being improperly dressed
Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.
...One witness said he saw three policemen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya".
The Saudi Gazette quoted witnesses as saying that the police - known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice - had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned "it is a sinful to approach them".
The father of one of the dead girls said that the school watchman even refused to open the gates to let the girls out.

Now this IS a case for an honor killing. In Euro-American culture (when duels and other forms of "private justice" were legal or at least condoned), the fathers, brothers, and uncles of the dead girls would have exacted justice on the religious policemen.

Saudis threaten Scottish man with crucifixion
Sandy Mitchell, the Scot placed under sentence of death in Saudi Arabia, has revealed he was due to be executed by crucifixion, writes Christopher Claire. Mitchell said he was told by his Saudi lawyer that the sentence called for the victim’s head to be "partially" severed and the body fixed to an X-shaped cross in public view for three days.
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