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Update: 31 July 2003. withdraws its call for a boycott of Oxfam International, in view of Oxfam International's repudiation of
 Oxfam Solidarity's behavior.  (Letter from Oxfam International to the Wiesenthal Center): "...the leadership of the Oxfam International felt that the core messages of the Belgian campaign were unclear and inappropriate. Oxfam International regrets our association with these messages and images and sincerely apologizes for any offense caused. We would like to underline that this was not an Oxfam International campaign or position. To be explicit, Oxfam International does not support a public campaign for a boycott of Israeli produce."

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Oxfam Belgium calls for an anti-Israel

The boycott of Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories: a boycott for peace 
The position of Oxfam-Solidarity

Together with 15 Belgian NGOs, Oxfam-Solidarity calls for boycotting Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories.

...Our aim is to express our opposition to the policy of Israeli Government towards the Palestinians which upholds occupation of their territory and includes acts of grave violence, which we believe is the main cause for the continuing conflict.

We have consistently condemned and called for an end to Palestinian suicide bombings and other acts of terror which violate the 4th protocole of the Geneva Convention. [This is lip service. Oxfam Solidarity does not call for a boycott of the Palestinian Authority despite ongoing acts of violence by Palestinian terrorists.]
"You're either with us or you're with the terrorists." Evidence that Oxfam Solidarity is with the terrorists.
Oxfam Solidarity links the following Web site: Visit the "Actieplateform Palestina" website

The APP regrets the daily violence of this conflict and condemns the killing of innocent citizen victims on both sides. As for the APP, this violent conflict is caused by the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. And a solution can only be reached if and when this occupation has come to an end. Therefore, the APP sides resolutely with the Palestinian people and the Israeli peace organisations.

Note that Actieplateform Palestina says nothing about ongoing acts of terrorism by Palestinians, acts that have made the Israeli occupation a reasonable and necessary act of self-defense. Now let's look at Actieplateform Palestina's political demands.

Belgium is responsible to ensure that the EU
increases the pressure on Israel 
b. relies on this international law when taking any diplomatic initiative

Nothing here about pressuring the Palestinians to stop blowing up Seders, buses, schools, dance halls, stores, and so on...

a. An immediate and unconditional suspension of the geographical and demographic elaboration of the Jewish settlements and by-pass roads on the West Bank (including Eastern Jerusalem) and Gaza. The dismantlement should be negotiated
b. Lift of the blockades on Palestinian villages, cities and territories.
c. Suspension of the military aggression towards and executions of Palestinians
d. Implementation of the agreements of Taba (Oslo II) relating to the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian authorities
e. Suspension of all violations of human rights

  • "Unconditional?" They mean that it's not conditional on the Palestinians ceasing to blow up Seders, buses, schools, dance halls, stores, and so on?
  • "Lift the blockades?" In other words, Israel should allow the free passage of murderers and terrorists?
  • "Suspension of military aggression toward and execution of Palestinians." Israel should not defend itself against people who blow up Seders, buses, schools, dance halls, stores, and so on. Israel has no death penalty and Israel has never held a capital court-martial of any captured terrorist.
    • Masquerading as civilians makes terrorists spies under international law even if they do nothing else, and they can be executed for this alone. Intentional murder of Israeli civilians is a capital war crime, and murder is also a capital civilian crime in many U.S. jurisdictions.'s position is that terrorists should be tried by capital court martial and executed upon conviction for masquerading as civilians and/or attacking Israeli civilians.
  • "Suspension of all violation of human rights," except apparently for the right of Israeli men, women, and children to be secure against being murdered in their own homes or in public places.
Steps to be taken immediately and certainly by the Belgian government and the European Union:

a. Suspension of the Association agreement between the EU and Israel that accords trade benefits to the import of Israeli products. The association-agreement itself stipulates after all that its implementation is linked to the respect to human rights and the democratic principles (article 2) and that no products from Jewish settlements are to be imported (article 83). Both stipulations are not respected by Israel.
b. * A formal ban on the export of arms:
- from Belgium to Israel, in application of article 4 of the Belgian law.
- from the EU to Israël, in application of several criteria of the European Code of Conduct
* A formal ban on the import of arms from Israel to Belgium and the European Union, including the suspension or destruction of still running or already closed contracts.
c. Within the UN a continued urge to establish a UN-protection force that positions itself along the green demarcation line of 1949.
d. A call upon the Israeli government to account for the violations of the human rights and the use of excessive violence towards the Palestinian people

Note that they say nothing about the export of arms to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, Islamic Jihad, or Al Qaida. As for the demarcation line of 1949, it would have been really nice if Actieplateform Palestina's Arab friends had honored that line in 1949 instead of trying to "throw the Jews into the sea."

4. The final goal of the negotiations should be:

a. The total withdrawal of the Israeli army from all occupied territories (West Bank, Gaza and Eastern Jerusalem)
b. The evacuation and dismantlement of the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, and the compensation of the damage Palestinians suffered due to the occupier and the colonists
c. The installation of a sovereign and democratic Palestinian state that is politically and economically liveable
d. Equal rights for the others on each other's territory. For Israel this means the equal treatment of the own Palestinian citizens, which comes down to abolishing discriminating laws and customs, returning stolen land and so on.
e. The claim of return and/or compensation of Palestinian refugees
f. A fair regulation
The Palestinian "right of return" is a well-known ploy to overrun Israel with Palestinians, as opposed to placing these Palestinians in their new "homeland." What we have here is pretty good evidence that Actieplateform Palestina is a front for Palestinian ambitions. It may even be a front for militant "Islamic" Arab states. This will be researched further.

What is Actieplateform Palestina (Action Platform Palestine)?
The visit was organized by Holland’s Palestine Solidarity Group – “Stop the Occupation”, of which Gretta Druisenberg is Chair. Other organizations involved in the visit were Medical Aid for the Third World; Doctors for Peace (Flemish Division of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War); the Flemish Action Platform Palestine and CODIP (Center for the Development, Documentation and Information Palestinians).
So APP is in league with a "Palestine Solidarity Group."  Who is Greta Duisenberg?
Well "Islam Online" seems to like her:

"The Israeli occupation was worse than Nazi Germany's occupation of the Netherlands, Greta was quoted by a Dutch newspaper as saying."

The fact that she is still breathing after making this remark in the "occupied territories" proves that she is a liar. Anyone who criticized genuine Nazis in occupied Holland found themselves on a one-way trip to an "arbeit macht frei" camp.

Meanwhile, Wafa’ Bobnad, Chairwoman of the sponsor committee of Arab Women festival, scheduled on March 6 through 9, told IslamOnline that the festival would lionize Greta in the closing ceremony.

"This praise comes in appreciation from the Arab and Muslim community for her pains-taking efforts, which serve best the Palestinian cause, and to assert that all Arab and Muslim women in the Netherlands are rallying behind her in her uphill struggle against the brutal campaigns launched by the Zionists and their followers," Bobnad said.

In April 2002 , Duisenberg hung a Palestinian flag from the balcony of her house in Amsterdam.

Boycott Israel News-- that's boycott Israel, not the occupied territories-- praises Greta Duisenberg at

Organizers said hanging the Palestinian flags was also an act of solidarity with Greta Duisenberg, wife of the European Central Bank CEO, who has been recently sued for insisting on hanging the Palestinian flag outside the balcony of her home in an upper class neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Duisenberg took part in a demonstration April 13 in solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada. She decided to keep the Palestinian flag outside her home balcony as an expression of her sympathy with the Palestinian resistance and their legitimate right to an independent state, and her rejection of the Isr**li aggressions against the Palestinian people.

Note that this organization won't spell out the word "Israel," perhaps because it doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist. I thought it was a misprint but see two more examples below:

She is unhappy with the way Holland and Europe have been dealing with hardline Isr**li Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government’s actions in Palestinian cities during the last few weeks, she said, adding that she insists on her position.

“I am an independent thinking woman and responsible for my actions. Both my husband and I own this house which means I can practice my beliefs here,” she said.

Dutch papers have recently attacked Muslim protestors who burnt the Isr**li flag in pro-Palestinian demonstrations that were held in the Dutch capital during the month of April. They saw these demonstrations as an indication of the end of the Jewish control over the city and the start of a new era in which Muslims are in control.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Cohen, of Jewish origins, appeared in the Dutch media angry at the burning of the Isr**li flag in his city, which is the first time this has taken place ever since Isr**l came into existence in 1947.

Despite their being a minority, Jews exercise a lot of political and economic influence in the Netherland. They also control the media. The Dutch authorities have always appointed a Jewish mayor for the city in recognition of the role that was played by the Jews in the flourishing of the city. They arrived as refugees with the start of Inquisition, following the fall of Muslim Spain (Al-Andalus) in the fifteenth century.

The recent events in Palestine and the second Intifada against Isr**li occupation have pushed the Muslim minority in the city to surmount their differences and to unite in huge demonstrations which many felt threatened the “Jewish indentity” of the city.

So we have a very fascinating trail here: Oxfam Solidarity/ Oxfam Belgium ==> Action Platform Palestine ==> Greta Duisenberg ==> "Boycott Israel," a site that won't even spell out the word "Israel" because it obviously doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist!

Here is some artwork from Boycott Israel News' host site Note regarding copyright: believes this to be "fair use" because the purpose is to show the political stance of and these images are not presented for sale, or as a substitute for purchase. (The images are advertisements for artwork that can be purchased from and are not themselves for sale as artwork.) The Violence Policy Center has, incidentally, been able to put complete copies of gun magazine covers and firearm advertisements on its Web site for similar purposes. I notified the magazines and gun companies in question but they were apparently not able to accuse the VPC, which is quite hostile to their interests, of copyright infringement.

A dagger through the Star of David: how quaint. Note that the demonstration is against Israel, not the "occupation." Nice company that Oxfam Belgium keeps, isn't it?
They also sell a book that apparently praises mass murderer Ayatollah Khomeini, who held American citizens hostage during 1979.
The one on the right is also from Greta Duisenberg's and Oxfam Solidarity's friends. Title: The Vampires of the West and East all feeding on the Muslim Ummah. Note how the Great Satan is in the front (I bet these guys are unhappy that Flight 93 didn't make it to that dome on September 11, 2001) and the Lesser Satan is in the background.

Palestinian supporters' recommendation for a Sirhan-Sirhan-style "regime change" in the United States. home page.  Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, is a Palestinian. The word "assassin" itself (Hashisheen, hashish-user) also is Arabic in origin. displays this image in a manner that suggests approval, not condemnation, of a terroristic threat against the President of the United States. It presents this image on its home page among other pro-Palestinian images; that is, the context is one of approval as opposed to condemnation.

Note the nearby "Freedom for Palestine" sign and remember Aesop's fable. "Birds of a feather flock together."
Don't like "O xfam Solidarity?"
Re: copyright. Again, this image (actually, half of the original) is displayed for the noncommercial and educational purpose of showing the positions that apparently endorses. In other words, I don't think they can use their copyright to prevent me from showing their denouncement of Israel as an "illegal fascist state," as well as their use of swastikas with regard to both Israel and the United States. Recall that the Violence Policy Center could apparently display entire gun magazine covers and firearm advertisements for similar purposes without being in violation of the copyright owners' rights. I am no friend of the VPC and I brought this to the attention of the copyright owners, but they apparently had no recourse against  the VPC's noncommercial and "educational" use of the material. In addition, the watermark "Illustration of material that promotes hatred of the U.S. and Israel" has been added to this image to prevent its use for any purpose other than the one I have described.

The deleted portion of the image says, "Blair must go." I suppose these people don't like the fact that Blair supported the removal of Saddam Hussein.

Oxfam Solidarity says Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine
Oxfam-Solidarity Belgium calls upon the international community and the European Governments to take urgently the following steps:
...The strengthening of the political pressure on the Israeli government to enforce the various UN-resolutions (242,338,194 ): the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from all 1967 occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, the return of the Palestinian refugees and the establishment of a sovereign, independent Palestinian State in the 1967 occupied territories with Jerusalem as its capital.

Oxfam Solidarity supports Palestinian "right of return" to Israel proper Oxfam supports "right of return"
Note that Oxfam Solidarity is the organizer and not a mere participant.
The European Campaign:
A strategy workshop organized by Oxfam Solidarity/Belgium between March 29 and 1 April 1999 set the foundations for two Palestinian-European Campaigns, a
campaign for Palestinian Economic Development, and a Campaign for Palestinian Refugee Rights. Participants were Palestinian and European NGOs (BADIL Resource Center, Forum of Palestinian NGOs-Lebanon, PARC, Belgo-Palestinian Association, Flamish Palestine Committee, Oxfam Solidarity, UCL CERMAC, a.o.), representatives of the ECCP, Belgian parliamentarians and trade unionists, representatives of the European parliament and EU commissions, and PLO and Arab League representatives. The Campaign for Palestinian Refugee Rights will:
- Empower Palestinian refugee initiatives and NGOs;
- Advocate for the Palestinian right of return;
- Lobby for increased government support for UNRWA.
"There will be no peace in the Middle East without recognition of Palestinian refugees' right of return, because Palestinian refugees, i.e. two thirds of the Palestinian people, reject a solution of the Palestinian refugee question which does not meet the standards set by international law and UN Resolution 194."

"The delegation, composed of BADIL Program Coordinator Muhammad Jaradat and international refugee law expert Susan Akram, was hosted and assisted by Brussels-based Oxfam Solidarity, the European Coordinating Committee on Palestine (ECCP), and by the Palestine working groups in the Belgian and European parliament."

Allegations of participation in overt anti-Semitic activities says,
Oxfam Belgium is the partner of the AEL, who called up for the anti-Semitic demonstrations in Antwerp, where a puppet representing an orthodox Jew was burned in public.
Oxfam Belgium is part of the Flemish Palestine Platform that stated on the website: the bomb-attack are a fait divers.
Oxfam Belgium participates in a lie-campaign about Israel (several of their statements are wrong, such as: that 3.5 million were expulsed in 1948)
Oxfam has written an open letter to the Jewish community in Belgium to justify their boycott but also let them understand " that Israel is a country that is not worth to life neither to exist!
In the anti-Israel demonstration of June 8th in Antwerp (they call it a pro-palestinian demonstration...) to which OXFAM was a co-organisor, several masked demonstrators burned a puppet. We have now full confirmation that the puppet had black clothes, a kippa and was definitely designed to represent an orthodox jew and not Sharon neither Buish! [I think he means "Bush"] Your local delegates did not react in any way to that action and therefor we can only assume that they endorsed this very antisemitic and racist act in Antwerp!"
Oxfam Solidarity implicated in boycott of all Israeli products, not just those from the "occupied territories"


La Campagne de Boycott en Belgique ("The boycott campaign in Belgium")
"We call with the boycott of all the Israeli products by laying a particular stress on the agricultural produce."

Traduction : Magasins du Monde - OXFAM ("Translation: Magazine of the World- OXFAM")
This page calls for the boycott of, among other things, oranges from Jaffa (Haifa). I wonder if Oxfam Solidarity defines Haifa as an "occupied territory." Well, if they were using the Arab map of "Palestine" shown at right, I suppose it is. Along with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Israel's a lot harder to find on this map than Waldo in "Where's Waldo." That's because Waldo is IN the pictures in "Where's Waldo."

Belgian Oxfam entities also boycotting the United States (in favor of Saddam Hussein)

By boycotting US products, I want to put pressure on the US government to join the international community, complying with the rules of the United Nations and international law. With the military attack and invasion of Iraq in March 2003 the US acted as a rogue state. [These guys are calling our country, the most free democracy in the world, a "rogue state." What do they call the Butcher of Baghdad, an "enlightened humanitarian?"]

With the attack the US violated the UN charter. Today more than ever US companies seem to have a major impact on the policy of the US administration. The US government policy has increasingly been marked by arrogance and self-interest:

The unilateral policies of the US must stop now and all US troops must leave Iraq immediately. [Right, leave the place to Saddam's Fedayeen and death squad holdovers!]

(Partial list of supporters: note how all the scum seem to congregate in the same sewer.)
KP Kommunistische Partij [KP Communist Party]
Oxfam Wereldwinkel Gent Centrum
Oxfam Wereldwinkel Gent West
Oxfam Wereldwinkel Herzele

Letters to Oxfam International

To:  information "at" (Ian Anderson, head of Oxfam)
CC: oxfam "at", info "at", information "at",
 oxfamsol "at"
( is the Simon Wiesenthal Center)

Dear Mr. Ian Anderson,

I spoke with Oxfam USA today, and I understand clearly that Oxfam USA has nothing to do with Oxfam Belgium's anti-Israel boycott. I am sure the British group has nothing to do with it either. Nonetheless, your Belgian group has put the "Oxfam" label on this activity. Sometimes you have to amputate a diseased limb or excise a cancerous organ to save the rest of the body. Oxfam International has cancer and the tumor is Oxfam Belgium.

Oxfam International now (through no fault of its own) finds itself in the position of harboring a rogue organization for whose actions the entire Oxfam organization will be held accountable if you do not cut them loose. "Either you're with us or you're with the terrorists." Oxfam Belgium is with the terrorists and, if Oxfam International continues to allow Oxfam Belgium to use Oxfam's name, then Oxfam International is with the terrorists. Oxfam will lose all moral credibility and people around the world will rightly cut their financial support. If this were to happen, my advice to Oxfam America would be to wash its hands of the international organization and go its separate way.

To Ian Anderson,

Dear Mr. Anderson,

The Wiesenthal Center directed my attention to the following Web page:

The boycott of Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories: a boycott for peace The position of Oxfam-Solidarity

Together with 15 Belgian NGOs, Oxfam-Solidarity calls for boycotting Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories.


The above Web page also contains a direct link to a pro-Palestinian Web site,
The site calls for action by Belgium and the EU against Israel (but not against the Palestinian Authority for terroristic acts). As President Bush said, "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists," and it's pretty clear that these people (Actieplatform Palestina)  are with the terrorists. And Oxfam Belgium seems to be with Actieplatform Palestina. My questions to you (and Oxfam America) are as follows:

(1) Will Oxfam Belgium continue to be part of Oxfam International if Oxfam Belgium continues to take sides in the Israel/Palestinian controversy and promote a boycott of Israeli products?

(2) Is Oxfam Belgium encouraging American businesses and corporations, as well as individuals, to boycott Israeli goods?

(3) Will Oxfam America separate from Oxfam International if the latter tolerates the political activities of Oxfam Belgium?


Although certain Belgians may like terrorists and militant "Islamic" dictators-- Belgium also wanted to indict my country's President and general (Tommy Franks) for waging war in Iraq under strict adherence to the Geneva and Hague Conventions, while having nothing to say about Saddam Hussein's feeding political prisoners into a plastic shredder, his vicious son Uday throwing a woman to his attack dogs when she ceased to "please" him, and "Chemical Ali" using poison gas to commit genocide (Kurds, I believe)-- we do not like them over here. Terrorists murdered 3000 of us a couple of years ago, and there was also the matter of the U.S.S. "Cole" and the Marine barracks in Beirut.

July 17 2003
Dear Mr. Anderson,

I read your reply to my concerns about Oxfam Belgium, and I saw the cosmetic changes that Oxfam Belgium made at Furthermore, the cosmetic changes reflect only a response to political considerations (international pressure from opponents of terrorism) and not a change of conscience by Oxfam Belgium. Although the link to the Palestinian Action Platform (Actieplatform Palestina) has been removed, an image that promotes APP remains on the site. That is, Oxfam Belgium apparently did the bare minimum it thought it could get away with.

Oxfam Belgium does not regret its misdeeds, it regrets getting caught. As long as Oxfam Belgium continues the basic activity, the boycott of Israeli goods from the occupied territories, "apologizing for any offense that might have been given" means about as much as a Japanese prison guard's "so sorry" to an American or British prisoner he had just beaten.

Furthermore, Oxfam Belgium's "We have consistently condemned and called for an end to Palestinian suicide bombings and other acts of terror which violate the 4th protocol of the Geneva Convention and are clearly compromising the peace process in the region" is mere lip service, as Oxfam Belgium is not calling for a boycott of Palestinian goods while these violent activities continue. Yassir Arafat has given similar lip service to condemnation of homicide bombings (depending on the political climate, e.g. when he wanted a Nobel Peace Prize) although it is well known that he could turn the bombings on and off as if he was operating a light switch. This is an issue I raised when I called Oxfam International, and it was not addressed by your office. Nor have the E-mails I have  received from you or other Oxfam entities addressed this. Although Oxfam Belgium says it is against violence by either side, its coercive activities are directed only at Israel so, quite frankly, I simply don't believe Oxfam Belgium.

I do accept your own statement,

"Oxfam's mission is to respond to the suffering of people, without regard to
race, religion or ethnicity. Oxfam supports the Road Map for peace. We
condemn Palestinian suicide bombings and all other acts of terror and
violence. We call for the occupation of the Palestinian territories to end."

as honest and even-handed. One must recognize, however, that the two problems-- suicide bombings and the occupation-- are connected. Israel probably has no desire to remain in the occupied territories and have her troops subjected to terrorist activities (noting that a guerrilla who dresses as a civilian is a war criminal under international law). This is especially true because Israel puts her soldiers at risk to minimize harm to innocent civilians, e.g. fighting terrorists house-to-house instead of flattening their positions with bombs and artillery. (House-to-house fighting is a soldier's worst nightmare. U.S. troops suffered enormous simulated losses in training exercises for this contingency in Iraq, and we are now losing soldiers to urban terrorism in that country.)

The occupation is necessary, however, as long as the territories in question are used for the purpose of launching terrorist attacks in Israel proper. Recall that my own country invaded Mexico in 1916 because Mexico could not control cross-border banditry by Pancho Villa. I don't even think Pancho Villa blew up churches (as the Palestinians did to an Israeli seder), dance halls, or stores with innocent people inside; he merely robbed and stole. Nonetheless, a military invasion was a reasonable and necessary act of self-defense by the United States.

Here are some contrasts to Oxfam Belgium's claim to be for "peace."
(1) Henry Ford (about whom I've published a book) made a good-faith effort to stop the First World War by appealing to both sides, as opposed to boycotting the goods of one side or sending monetary aid to the other.
(2) U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt helped negotiate an end to the Russo-Japanese War, as opposed to boycotting the goods of either Russia or Japan (in "occupied territories" like Manchuria or otherwise).
(3) Otto von Bismarck assumed the role of an "honest broker" in Europe.

Since Oxfam Belgium's coercive activities (boycott of Israeli goods in the occupied territories) are directed only at Israel and not at violent Palestinian militants, it is obvious that Oxfam Belgium is on the side of the Palestinian militants. Oxfam Belgium is therefore, I believe, an organization that provides second-hand moral comfort and support to terrorists. "Second-hand" means that, although Oxfam Belgium's words do not support terrorism, its deeds (boycott of Israeli goods from the occupied territories because of objections to the occupation, but no boycott of Palestinian goods despite verbal objection to terrorism) do support terrorism. Furthermore, I don't see how Oxfam International can lend its name to second-hand support of terrorism and retain the good will of Americans and others who consider terrorism a menace to civilized humanity. Oxfam performs valuable humanitarian work, but so do other organizations that do not give second-hand support to terrorism, and generous Americans can redirect their charity from Oxfam to those other organizations. (Oxfam America, which stated an opposition to the boycott, may be another matter.)

There is a simple way to avoid this kind of problem:
(1) Oxfam Belgium can repudiate its boycott entirely (recommended, neutrality is best for a supposedly-humanitarian organization like Oxfam)
(2) Oxfam Belgium can add a boycott of Palestinian goods so as to be even-handed. (Again, #1 is better)
(3) If the leaders of Oxfam Belgium are sympathetic to the Palestinians, they should conduct those activities as private individuals and not through Oxfam. They are free to join Actieplatform Palestina, the International Solidarity Movement, or even Al Qaida for all I care, as long as they don't call themselves Oxfam.

Regards, (and hoping to remain Oxfam International's friend),


visitors since 11 July 2003

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