White Slavery in Saudi Arabia
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American women: you could be kidnapped and sold into white slavery in a country in which you have NO RIGHTS.
As shown by at least three editorials in the Wall Street Journal-- one of the country's most strait-laced and reputable newspapers-- at least three female American citizens are being held in white slavery in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Royal Family is aware of this but has not done anything about it. The House of Saud apparently condones kidnapping and rape, as well as (per one of the editorials) forcible sodomy and incest. (One wonders which version of the Koran sanctions these practices?)  Wall Street Journal, 13 June 2002, page A18, "Daughters of America." 
"Saudi law forbids women of any age from leaving their country without permission. Another way of stating those same facts would be to say that two adult U.S. citizens are trapped in a country where women are treated as the property of men..."
"All the President's Women" (Wall Street Journal, 26 June 2002)
http://opinionjournal.com/editorial/ feature.html?id=110001894 "...Miss Stowers further reported that both her son and daughter were raped by members of her former [Saudi Arabian] husband's family."

If you are taken to Saudi Arabia, resisting the advances of a Saudi "husband" to whom you are sold may get you a flogging. Public floggings and executions of recalcitrant women are among the favorite pastimes of the male Saudi. Whereas no American judge or jury is likely to have a problem with your killing your rapist in the act, you could probably be beheaded or stoned to death for doing this to your Saudi "husband." Here is an example of how militant "Islamic" countries treat women in cases involving rape:
http://dhushara.freehosting.net/book/ upd/jan01/iswomb/isl.htm "The girl, Bariya Ibrahim Magazu, was sentenced [to 100 lashes, in Nigeria] under Islamic law after three men forced her into having sex last September."