Are you a Roland or a Ganelon?
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The destruction of the World Trade Center and ongoing terror bombings in Israel are only the tip of the deadly iceberg known as militant "Islam:" a blasphemy that perverts and defiles a respectable mainstream religion by preaching murderous violence, hatred, and contempt for human life.

"As [Roland, sometimes known as Orlando] was leading the rear-guard of Charlemagne's army through the valley of Roncesvalles, he was attacked by the enemy, set on by the traitor Gan [Ganelon]. Dreadful was the slaughter of his knights."
"But Roland no sooner saw Uliviero [Oliver] dead than he felt as if he were left alone on the earth, and he was quite willing to leave it; only he wished that Charlemagne should hear how the case stood before he went, and so he took up the horn [the Oliphant] and blew it with such force that, at the third blast, it burst in two."
"In spite of all the noise of the battle, the sound of the horn broke over it like like a voice out of the other world. They say that birds fell dead at it, and that the whole Saracen army drew back in terror." --Pulci's "Morgante Maggiore"
The original Ganelon told Charlemagne that Roland was blowing his horn because he was hunting, not because he needed help. Today's Ganelons similarly downplay, excuse, or ignore the vicious excesses of militant "Islam."
Roland's left hand holds the only "solution" to the rabid-dog violence of militant "Islam:" his famous sword Durendal, which is stained with the blood of the frenzied horde that surrounds him. The two barbarians on the ground are labeled "Taliban" and "Al Qaida," thanks to the valiant efforts of the Armed Forces of the United States. You cannot negotiate or reason with a rabid dog, nor can you negotiate or reason with someone who wants you dead because you're a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or even the wrong "kind" of Muslim. (i.e. mainstream American and Turkish Muslims.) You cannot reason or negotiate with someone who thinks your female citizens are "whores" because they don't cover their faces and are not a father's or husband's chattel, or someone who hijacks your airplanes and knocks down your skyscrapers because the medieval despots and self-serving religious demagogues he follows resents your country's ability to build such things.
What are YOU going to tell "Charlemagne:" that is, your neighbors, the media, the public, and your legislators about that horn you hear in the distance? Are you a Roland, or are you a Ganelon?