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Charles Gordon, "Khartoum Pasha"

Charles Martel, "The Hammer"

Jan Sobieski III

Aleksandr V. Suvorov, Russian field marshal

Heroic Defenders of Western Civilization

It has always been useful to appeal to heroic images in public relations. In this case, we are trying to alert the civilized world about the dangers of militant "Islam." The following heroes can be used for this purpose.
  • Roland (also known as Orlando), hero of Roncesvalles. Roland and Charles Martel (see below) can be used for public relations in France.
  • General Charles "Chinese" Gordon, defender of Khartoum. Remind Britons of Gordon's martyrdom at the hands of the Mahdi's militant hordes when discussing Palestinian violence today.
    • Garnet Wolseley led the relief force to Khartoum; it arrived two days too late to save Gordon.
  • Charles Martel, "The Hammer," victor of Tours (also called Poiters).
  • King John (Jan) Sobieski III of Poland, who led the relief of the Siege of Vienna (1683).
  • Russian field marshal Aleksandr V. Suvorov (1729-1800). Russia, to whom Suvorov is a national hero, is fighting militant "Islam" today.
  • Don Juan of Austria (not to be confused with the famous lover/swashbuckler of Byron's poem), victor of Lepanto in 1571.
  • Captain Charles Orde Wingate
  • Yacov Dori, Israeli Defense Force Chief of Staff in 1948
  • Moshe Dayan, IDF Chief of Staff in 1956
  • Yitzahk Rabin, IDF Chief of Staff in 1967
  • Ariel Sharon
  • Sir Winston Churchill, charged with British cavalry at Omdurman (1898), where the Mahdi's fanatic hordes were defeated. General Horatio Herbert Kitchener was in charge of the British forces at Omdurman.
Roland at RoncesvallesRoland (also known as Orlando), one of Charlemagne's paladins.

Roland blows his horn, the Oliphant, during his final battle against militant "Islamic" hordes at Roncesvalles. The image of the heroic Western European knight surrounded by a horde of barbarians is a very useful image in defining the situation that confronts Western Civilization and humanity in general.

The traitor Ganelon delayed Charlemagne's relief force by telling the Frankish king that Roland was not blowing his horn to call for help, he was out hunting. Today's Ganelons downplay, ignore, or excuse the barbaric atrocities that are perpetrated by Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the Palestinian Authority. It should be useful to refer to any North American, European, or Israeli who excuses terrorist violence as a "Ganelon."

According to the 5-hour movie Charlemagne, starring Christian Brendel, Roland met his end at the hands of Basques instead of Saracens. In the movie, Ganelon betrayed Roland unwillingly, under compulsion by the Basques. People are more familiar with the Song of Roland and the story of Roncesvalles, however.

Charles Gordon, "Khartoum Pasha"The death of General Gordon at Khartoum(left) General Charles "Chinese" Gordon, defender of Khartoum (1885) Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia Vol 4: FRU-IRI, from (Hey! He looks just like Charlton Heston :-) ) (right) The martyrdom of Gordon at Khartoum, 1885. Book of History: Vol 05, Grolier Society, from (Buy Khartoum, with Charlton Heston as Gordon and Sir Laurence Olivier as the Mahdi, from It might be available (used) on E-bay if you don't want to pay for a new copy.)
The heroic Christian general Charles Gordon made a deliberate choice to lead the defense of the city of Khartoum, even though he knew it would result in his death, because of his perceived responsibility to its inhabitants-- most of whom were genuine Muslims. The slave trader Mohammed Ahmed, also known as the Mahdi ("Expected One," i.e. Messiah) had proclaimed his intention to massacre the city's 5000 Egyptian residents as an "example" to the rest of the Muslim world. The Mahdi will not even allow Gordon to evacuate the Egyptians to Cairo; they must die as part of the "miracle" with which he intends to impress and intimidate all of Islam.
The Mahdi places his intended slaughter of the Egyptian civilians at the same moral level as Gordon's execution of slave traders, much as Palestinian and PLO apologists today place bombings of Seders, Bat Mitzvahs, dance halls, shopping malls, and pizza restaurants at the same moral level as military retaliation against terrorist organizations. The Mahdi says it's necessary to slaughter 5000 Egyptian men, women, and children today so he won't have to kill millions of people throughout the Middle East tomorrow. He also proclaims that the Nile will run red with blood all the way to Cairo. This exemplifies the thinking of militant "Islam," and the movie is worth watching.
Garnet Wolesley led a relief column to Khartoum (it was two days late), and an army under Kitchener later destroyed the Mahdi's followers at Omdurman. Winston Churchill participated in a cavalry charge at Omdurman.
"A world with no place for the Gordons will soon return to the sands"

General Gordon, the Hero of Khartoum by William McGonagall (in the public domain due to age)

ALAS! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom
For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum,
He was a Christian hero, and a soldier of the Cross,
And to England his death will be a very great loss.

He was very cool in temper, generous and brave,
The friend of the poor, the sick, and the slave;
And many a poor boy he did educate,
And laboured hard to do so early and late.

He was a man that did not care for worldly gear,
Because the living and true God he did fear;
And the hearts of the poor he liked to cheer,
And by his companions in arms he was loved most dear.

He always took the Bible for his guide,
And he liked little boys to walk by his side;
He preferred their company more so than men,
Because he knew there was less guile in them.

And in his conversation he was modest and plain,
Denouncing all pleasures he considered sinful and vain,
And in battle he carried no weapon but a small cane,
Whilst the bullets fell around him like a shower of rain.

He burnt the debtors' books that were imprisoned in Khartoum,
And freed them from a dismal prison gloom,
Those that were imprisoned for debt they couldn't pay,
And sent them rejoicing on their way.

While engaged in the Russian war, in the midst of the fight,
He stood upon a rising ground and viewed them left and right,
But for their shot and shell he didn't care a jot,
While the officers cried, Gordon, come down, or else you'll be shot.

His cane was christened by the soldiers Gordon's wand of victory
And when he waved it the soldiers' hearts were filled with glee
While with voice and gesture he encouraged them in the strife,
And he himself appeared to possess a charmed life
Once when leading a storming party the soldiers drew back,
But he quickly observed that courage they did lack,
Then he calmly lighted a cigar, and turned cheerfully round,
And the soldiers rushed boldly on with a bound.

And they carried the position without delay,
And the Chinese rebels soon gave way,
Because God was with him during the day,
And with those that trust Him for ever and aye.

He was always willing to conduct meetings for the poor,
Also meat and clothing for them he tried to procure,
And he always had little humorous speeches at command,
And to hear him deliver them it must have been grand.

In military life his equal couldn't he found,
No! if you were to search the wide world around,
And 'tis pitiful to think he has met with such a doom
By a base traitor knave while in Khartoum.

Yes, the black-hearted traitor opened the gates of Khartoum,
And through that the Christian hero has met his doom,
For when the gates were opened the Arabs rushed madly in,
And foully murdered him while they laughingly did grin.

But he defended himself nobly with axe and sword in hand,
But, alas! he was soon overpowered by that savage band,
And his body received a hundred spear wounds and more,
While his murderers exultingly did loudly shriek and roar.

But heaven's will,'tis said, must be done,
And according to his own opinion his time was come;
But I hope he is now in heaven reaping his reward.
Although his fate on earth was really very hard.

I hope the people will his memory revere,
And take an example from him, and worship God in fear,
And never be too fond of worldly gear,
And walk in General Gordon's footsteps, while they are here.

Charles Martel, "The Hammer"
Charles Martel ("The Hammer") at Tours, 732

Charles Martel at Tours
King John Sobieski III of Poland (ruled 1674-1696)

King John Sobieski relieved Vienna from a siege by militant "Islamic" hordes in 1683. Hussars, or husaria, were originally Polish cavalry.

The falcon wing to Sobieski's right indicates the presence of the sovereign on the battlefield. The winged hussars are presenting him with a captured Turkish battle flag; note the crescent at the top, which will become the model for crescent pastries. According to Wikipedia, this image is in the public domain.

Aleksandr V. SuvorovAleksandr V. Suvorov (1729-1800)

The caption of the Second World War poster quotes Suvorov's The Science of Victory: "Hit, stab, give chase, take prisoner!" Suvorov's army inflicted 100,000 casualties on militant "Islamic" hordes (Turks and Janissaries) for 500 Russians.

Suvorov on dealing with fanatics: "Stab once and throw the [fanatic] off the bayonet. Bayonet another, bayonet a third; a real warrior will bayonet half a dozen and more. Keep a bullet in the barrel. If three should run at you, bayonet the first, shoot the second and lay out the third with your bayonet. This isn't common but you haven't time to reload..."

Suvorov's protege, Mikhail Kutuzov (who was later to bring down Napoleon Bonaparte), lost an eye during Russia's wars with the Ottoman Empire.

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