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  • Steph Bergol Cartoons
ISIS/ISIL (New, 2014)

  • The ISIS Brute (originally Grant Hamilton's Spanish Brute)
  • ISIS mass grave (with Nazi and Soviet mass graves). "What part of GENOCIDE don't you understand?"

Solidarity symbol (Arabic nun for Nazerene) for Iraqi Christians who are being massacred by ISIS. Click for full-sized image. "Same excrement (Nazis marking Jewish stores for boycott), new rectum (ISIS marking Christian homes for looting)."
 Islamism = Nazism (New, 2014)

Erdogan's Turkey (New, 2014)


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  • Jesus Died for Christians: Muslims Died for Mohammed    You don't have to be a Christian to agree with this, because it passes no judgment on whether Jesus was actually the son of God. It is meanwhile a historical fact that Mohammed created a religion to get people to kill and die for him.

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Islamic Supremacy
Treatment of Christians by Islamofascists
United Nations
Saudi Arabia
Defend Western Civilization
DHIMMIs (Dupes, Helpful Idiots, and Misguided Morons for Islamofascism) and the Soros-Occupied Government (SOG)
Michael Moore (called the terrorists who are murdering our men and women in uniform "Minutemen") and noted racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton

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Show Proper Respect for Hamas and Al Qaida

Steph Bergol Cartoons
Note the identity of the REAL Christ Killers; given what they do to Jesus' followers, it is obvious what they would do to Jesus.


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